Two strategic deliverables investigating stroke patients’ needs pending review

The first two deliverables part of Work Package 1: “Patients’ Needs and Ethical Framework” have been submitted for review at the end of July 2018:

  • D1.1 – SoA on knowledge and literature concerning stroke risk factors, prognosis and outcomes
  • D2.2 – Categorized and ranked clinical challenges and needs in patient journey phases

The reports were authored by Institut Guttmann with contributions from Charité. The driving concept of PRECISE4Q is to target four different stages in the life trajectory of a stroke patient and address these stages with a novel precision medicine approach. D1.1 provides an overview of the current state-of-the-art in the literature concerning knowledge about stroke risk factors (incl. genetics), prognosis and outcomes after interventions. Such an understanding is necessary in order to identify the most relevant clinical challenges and needs for each of the stroke patient journey phases, an aspect explored in D1.2. More precisely, D1.2 focuses on the most common and complex questions in a patient’s journey and categorizes them into clinically relevant groups in terms of data acquisition and handling tools. The results are ranked based on their clinical importance, considering current unmet needs and different journey phases.

Both complete reports will be made available in the “Download” section of the website once the reviewing process is complete.