PRECISE4Q partner AOK Nordost (GeWINO) contributes to developing the German federal AI strategy

AOK Nordost is the only health insurance company in Germany currently involved in AI projects and the PRECISE4Q consortium is privileged to have them on board.

Their department, the Gesundheitswissenschaftliches Insititut Nordost (GeWINO) participates in the Working Group for Health, Medical Technology and Care as part of the federally supported „Learning Systems – Articifical Intelligence Platform“. Building on the German Federal Government‘s „Key Points for an Artificial Intelligence Strategy“, the group will elaborate suggestions for developing the governmental strategy for AI in the health care domain.

As an insurer, AOK Nordost is looking to incorporate and validate the use of new AI-based health care technologies as part of its available services. The work being undertaken in PRECISE4Q will support this direction through the pilot implementation of a decision support system for the management of stroke patients.