empirica Communication and Technology Research based in Bonn, Germany, is a private research and consultancy specialised in innovation processes and the management of large-scale European projects for both private and public clients. empirica has established itself as a leading European and global institute with a broad understanding of the political, strategic, clinical, business and socio-economic questions raised by health system change and eHealth tools, and has participated in many predictive modelling and patient empowerment EU projects, e.g.: VPH-Dare@IT, MD-Paedigree, VPH-Share, VPHOP, and PALANTE, CAREWELL, SMARTCARE, SmartPersonalHealth. EMP was a leading partner in the DISCIPULUS project, drafting the VPH research roadmap for the realisation of the Digital Patient initiative that will be used to provide an integrative framework for Personalised, Predictive, and Integrative Medicine. EMP was the administrative project manager in the epSOS project, managing 45 beneficiaries, with a budget of €36,5 Million. It has provided services to the European Parliament (EP), European Commission (EC), WHO, OECD, European Space Agency (ESA), national and regional governments, healthcare providers, and global eHealth industrial players. This is complemented by its global experience in applying advanced, but pragmatic cost-benefit assessment methods to health system related delivery processes and outcomes. empirica is thus in a position to develop and validate future-proof policies, sustained strategies, business cases, and exploitation scenarios for eHealth supported healthcare delivery. empirica was also board member of the Virtual Physiological Human Institute (VPH Institute) and is the co-founder of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data i~HD.

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