QMENTA (Spain)

QMENTA is a Spanish company comprised of experts in medical image analysis, scientific visualization and software on a mission to unlock the potential of neuroimaging with a scalable data technology platform. Mint Labs has developed an image processing technology that is able to reconstruct, from MRI images, 3D models of the brain that can be manipulated in real time. As a result, specialists and R&D organizations can have a better understanding of the patients’ disease state by providing a quantitative evaluation of changes in the brain circuits and of differences across populations, which can be critical for diagnosis and prior brain surgery. This technology is commercialized as Software as a Service (SaaS), where users can upload a set of medical images to QMENTA cloud platform, obtain the processed 3D results, and pay according to their usage. Expertise: The CloudN platform of QMENTA offers brain imaging quantification, visualization and data management on the cloud – from image to insight, all within the browser. The platform can generate high definition 3D models of brain scans, such as from data coming from an MRI. Via the cloud platform, researchers and doctors can upload medical images, have them processed and access big datasets uploaded to the platform. In addition, the platform can merge and integrate different sources of relevant data, and as such, allow the identification of patterns otherwise missed. QMENTA’s mission is to greatly improve our understanding of the brain and develop tools for the prediction, detection and diagnosis of neurological disorders. Since its foundation, the company has processed more than 280.000 MRI images.

Landon McKenna

Paulo Rodrigues

Vesna Prchkovska

Matt Rowe

Alara Alkin