Medizinische Universität Graz (Austria)

General description The Medical University of Graz (MUG) , with 39 research institutes and clinical departments, 1700 employees, 4500 students from undergraduate to PhD is a large Medical School and Research Institution, which works in close co-operation with the Regional & University Hospital Graz, one of the largest in Europe. MUGs runs one of the largest biobanks in Europe and plays a leading role in the European Union’s biobanking infrastructure. Expertise: MUG’s Institute of Medical Informatics, Statistics and Documentation, counting currently 37 researchers, lecturers and technicians, covers most areas of biomedical informatics, from semantic technologies and AI over human-computer interfaces to imaging. MUG’s working group on biomedical semantics and technologies (BST), led by professor Stefan Schulz, is an internationally recognized reference for clinical terminologies, ontologies and medical language processing, but has also contributed to the fields of electronic health records, document retrieval, and biomedical knowledge management. It has hosted important events like the (biomedical) ontology conferences FOIS and ICBO 2012.

Stefan Schulz