Roadmap to markets

Identify and pursue commercial exploitation of scientific results by using generated knowledge and intellectual property.

PRECISE4Q not only proposes a cost-effective Digital Stroke Patient Platform. It also provides the methods, social science and economic expertise to formatively assess clinical effectiveness, lifestyle management integration, efficacy, and socio-economic cost-benefit ratio, as a quantitative foundation for initial but solid service and development and commercialisation strategies, plans for scaling up, and actual diffusion of the innovation capacity. Coupled with clinical assessments, after inputs from validation and paired with a deployment scenario based cost-benefit analysis covering a wide range of stakeholders and potential end-users, this objective will ensure the scalability and sustainability of PRECISE4Q working under real conditions, in real healthcare and social care settings. The project objectives are fully measurable, safeguarded through a clear and manageable innovation management work plan and have been designed in line with targeted exploitation plans, ensuring a realistic and sustainable impact of the project.